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Frequently Asked Closet & Storage Questions

How long have you been around?
The Closet Guys was founded in 1994. Our current President is Tony Leitch.

Do you serve my area?
We serve the Pacific Northwest with offices in Marysville and Spokane. We provide services to clients from Everett to Seattle to Olympia and east to the Spokane area. If you think you may not be included in our service area, just give us a call and we will let you know.

Why should I hire a professional instead of just buying closet parts from a local home improvement store and put it together myself?
Your time is valuable, and often the money that you saved to do-it-yourself is not nearly enough to justify your frustrations. When you compare the quality of the product, the risks, costs, and the time it takes to do it yourself, the savings is quickly outweighed. We professionally design, manufacture, and install custom closets, garage storage systems and other space saving systems every day, and we know what to look for to make sure our systems function and fit properly?

What type of closet and storage systems do you offer?
We have a variety of products to meet your needs including wire, melamine, and wood.

How do I design my closet?
Just give us a call an our professional design team will assist you.

What features and accessories are available?
We offer a wide range of features and accessories for our closet, garage and pantry storage systems.

What can I expect on price?
Materials, size of room, number and type of units, color/wood tone choice and accessories all influence the cost. We can design your system and tailor it to fit the best design options for your needs and budget.

What colors or finishes do you offer?
Popular colors and finishes change constantly and so will the choices we make available to you. Choosing stocked colors allows you the shortest lead time and the least expense. Through our suppliers, we have available color choices to meet the most discriminating demands.

Are your closet systems adjustable? Can I change my design down the road if I need to?
Our solutions are designed so that you can easily move shelves as your needs change.

How long does it take?
Some systems can be completed as quickly as one week from consultation to installation, though most systems take about 10 to 14 business days to complete with the most complex or custom systems taking 14-30 days. Most of our installations are completed in just a single day!

Do you guarantee your materials?
Yes, we offer a lifetime guarantee on the products we manufacture and install.

Want your space back?
Call The Closet Guys today!